Bird egg identifier

Please use our bird egg identifier below to compare against any discarded or used shells you may find in your garden our elsewhere. If you find any egg shells not featured here, please post in the comments section below and share with everyone.

*Please note, we do not condone disturbing or taking eggs from any nests.

Blackbird eggs
Width: 22mm
Length: 29mm

Song thrush eggs
Song thrush
Width: 21mm
Length: 27mm

Starling eggs
Width: 21mm
Length: 30mm

Robin eggs
Width: 15mm
Length: 20mm

Wren eggs
Width: 13mm
Length: 16mm

Chaffinch eggs
Width: 15mm
Length: 20mm

Blue tit eggs
Blue tit
Width: 12mm
Length: 16mm

Great tit eggs
Great tit
Width: 14mm
Length: 19mm

Long-tailed tit eggs
Long-tailed tit
Width: 10mm
Length: 14mm

House sparrow eggs
House sparrow
Width: 16mm
Length: 23mm

Goldfinch eggs
Width: 13mm
Length: 18mm

Woodpigeon eggs
Width: 30mm
Length: 41mm

We would like to reiterate that we do not condone disturbing nesting sites. It is illegal to take eggs from nests:

And also you will find a plethora of further information into birds and their nesting behaviours at: