How to create a “Suet Monster” in 5 easy steps

Everyone likes a good monster. There’s Dracula, the Wolf Man, King Kong, the Mummy, and now among this legendary canon we introduce the Suet Monster.

He can be hung and strung in many places in the garden, but the only sure way of defeating him is by using an army of dedicated garden birds.

First, he must be created, so get your inner-Frankenstein into gear and start building a beast with these five easy steps.

Use either a standard suet cake or a jumbo suet cake

You can find them here

Download our Suet Monster Template,
or create your own.

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Print it out and stick it on to some cardboard.

Colour it in and cut out the head, arms, legs and horns.

Stick the body parts to the suet cake and hang in your garden.

Enter the Suet Monster competition for a chance to win an assorted pack of jumbo suet cakes and a suet cake variety pack: worth £22.98.

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*competition will end on June 30th 2017. Results will be announced in July 2017.

Video: How to create a Suet Monster