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National Nest Box Week takes place each year from the 14th-21st February and is now an established part of the ornithological calendar.

During National Nest Box Week people are encouraged to put up a nest box and provide a family home for our birds. By doing this, it enhances biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.

To help inform which nest box to use, we have produced a nest box guide. Why not take a look, and see what will work best for the bird species which visit your garden! Click here to see the guide.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part, whether you’re a family, a teacher or a member of a local wildlife group.


National Nest Box Week is between the 14th -21st February, during this time you are encouraged to put your nest box up, but, of course you can put a nest box up at any time of the year.

Why take part?

Natural nest sites for birds such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast as gardens are ‘tidied’ and old houses are repaired.

National Nest Box Week gives you chance to contribute to the conservation effort in the UK whilst giving you the pleasure of observing any breeding birds that you attract to your garden.

How to take part?

  1. Order your free information pack here.
  2. Make a nest box or buy a nest box.
  3. Put up your nest box.

For more information about National Nest Box Week click here.