New to GardenBird, and perfect for your home and garden, is our brilliant range of Woodwick candles. The Hearthwick range stand out not only for their appealing scents, but they also feature a natural wooden wick. When this wick burns, it creates the gentle and relaxing sound of a crackling fire.


All of the Woodwick candles we stock can burn for approximately 50 hours – plenty of time for accompanying your bath time relaxation! They’re great to simply add atmosphere to any room in your house, or alternatively they really set the scene for pleasant conversations upon the garden patio on summer evenings! As a bonus, the lid doubles as a heat resistant mat, which means you won’t have to rush around looking for a coaster or other item to protect your furniture.


A selection of Woodwick Hearthwick candles feature an innovative “trilogy” concept, with three layers of different scents which will take you on a journey throughout the candle’s lifespan! The “Woodwick Fresh Bakes” trilogy has layers of three “flavours”, with delicious Bakery Cupcakes, moving through to Orange Gingersnaps and Coffee Cake. A tantalising dessert-themed trio of aromas!

Perfect for summer, is the “Fruits of Summer” trilogy candle. This will create a tropical narrative for your relaxation, beginning the experience with a scent consisting of pineapple, coconut nectar and fresh pear on the first section, along to a zesty lemon citrus refreshing layer, and finally a smooth, pure coconut segment where coconut shavings blended with vanilla cream conjure vivid imagery of a perfect seaside vista with crystal clear water lapping at twinkling sand. These candles really do inspire the feeling of luxury.

Single Fragrance

Some of the popular single fragrance candles we have available are: “Seaside Mimosa-Elipse” – a refreshing mix of citrus juices and twinkling champagne grapes; “Evergreen” – Balsam branches infused with fresh herbs and patchouli; “Sweet Lime Gelato” – combining lemon, lime, spun sugar with tantalising vanilla bean and sweet cream; and “Soft Chambray” – a classic relaxing soft and subtle scent blend of jasmine and rose.

A treat for yourself? A gift for a loved one? There are fragrances for all tastes. Whatever your preference, we’re sure there’s something which will take your fancy in our Woodwick collection.

Written by Andrew Jolly