Why not consider urban beekeeping?

Few people would argue that bumble bees don’t provide a valuable service. By pollinating flowers, fruit and herbs they help to maintain Britain’s flora, and their dwindling numbers in recent years paints a very worrying picture. This is why gardenbird.co.uk encourages urban beekeeping, to help maintain the population of these important, non-aggressive insects.

There are a variety of nests that are available to the aspiring urban beekeeper, depending on your tastes and needs. A bumble bee nest box with pre-made nest affords bumble bees a safe home, as well as a structure they will be able to build upon as their hive grows in scale.  Alternatively a hanging tree log offers residence to more solitary bees, including the Mason and Leafcutter, along with appreciated protection from predators. This option is often popular with individuals hoping to maintain a consistent, natural style throughout their garden.

Housing bees can be a uniquely satisfying experience. They guarantee good pollination levels to any local plants, and the cycle of regrowth each spring as they return to expanding their hive can be very enjoyable to behold. Gardenbird.co.uk is pleased to offer beekeeping solutions from only £14.99, for those who are excited to begin supporting their very own hive.