Unwanted Friends in your Garden? Introducing the Squirrel Buster!


Do you have some unwanted friends in your garden? Maybe a family of squirrels has decided to make their home in the neighbour’s tree. Or maybe there is a group of Jackdaws or other larger birds that have decided your garden is the perfect place to rest a while and replenish with your foods. It is no surprise that the squirrels and larger birds are making an appearance when you are feeding your regular feathered visitors. Towards the end of the fledging season, when all the baby birds are beginning to fly the nest, more and more of us are discovering that it is not only the smaller birds who like to snack in our gardens. Whether you are using seed mixes, suets or straight foods, the squirrels and larger birds love them too!

For those of us that have tried every trick in the book to deter these bothersome critters, it is frustrating to find that the tricks are useless against that very clever Squirrel. Squirrels enjoy the delicious seeds and suets as much as the birds, and in the attempt to get to these foods they will chew and claw their way through almost anything.Squirrel Buster

From left to right, Squirrel Buster Mini, The Squirrel Buster, Squirrel Buster Peanut, and Squirrel Buster Plus.

Why not give the all new squirrel buster range a go? Guaranteed squirrel-proof, a uniquely designed mechanism protects the delicious foods from prying paws (or even beaks for the larger birds!) of your garden visitors. Each squirrel buster uses a weighting tool that “locks” the bird food away.  With four models to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. No matter how much the squirrel tried to get to it, it simply cannot.

Squirrel Buster Mini, Original Squirrel Buster and Squirrel Buster Plus are designed to hold seed and is perfect for attracting any type of small garden birds. The Squirrel Buster Peanut hold up to 1kg of peanuts and is also suited for attracting all types of garden bird to your patch.

Why not try our range of squirrel-resistant feeders? Whether you want to use seed mixes, straight foods or even suet foods, we have the guardian for you. This unique design will prove difficult to crack for even the most determined of squirrels. You also have a lot of the food falling onto the floor you say? No problem – our squirrel resistant guardian feeders come with the added benefit of a catching tray when reversed.

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