Autumn is well and truly here now so we think it’s time for another quiz! We’ve put together 10 questions below.

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1. Some birds can often be seen standing on one leg at this time of year.  What is the reason for this?

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2. In November and December Grey Seals come ashore to give birth.  What is the name for a baby seal?

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3. What creature could be found snuggled up sleeping in a ‘Drey’?

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4. Autumn is the Deer breeding season or the ‘Rut’.   Stags roar and fight, competing with each other for the females.  Which of these species of deer are native to the UK?

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5. With an influx of migrants from Scandinavia, the population of Britain’s smallest bird increases significantly in Autumn and Winter. Can you name it?

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6. Autumn sees the arrival of migrant swans to the uk’s wetlands.  Which is the only species of Swan that is resident all year round in the UK?

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7. On very cold nights, some species of garden birds will huddle together to keep warm while they sleep.  What is the maximum number of wrens that have been recorded sleeping together in a single nest box?

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8. From records so far, many species of  trees and shrubs seem to have produced a unusually bountiful harvest of nuts, seeds and berries in 2020.  Occurring only every 5-10 year or so, what is the name given to this phenomenon?

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9. The 28th November – 6th December is National Tree Week, an annual celebration which marks the start of the winter tree planting season.  The following species of tree are all commonly found throughout the UK, but which one is classed as native?

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10. Birds are not the only creatures that migrate in the Autumn.  Atlantic Salmon make an epic journey from the sea, swimming upstream in freshwater rivers, where they can be seen leaping up waterfalls.  What is the reason for this migration?

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