Autumn is well and truly here now so we think it’s time for another quiz! We’ve put together 10 questions below.

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1. Who wrote the famous poem ‘To Autumn’?

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2. Waxwings are a migratory bird from Scandinavia, that can sometimes be seen in the UK in Autumn and Winter. What is their favourite food?


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3. Hedgehogs usually hibernate between December and March. In which of these places would a hedgehog NOT choose to hibernate?


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4. In early Autumn Swallows can be seen gathering on power lines as they prepare to migrate. Where do our swallows fly to for winter?


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5. The Robin, Britain’s unofficial National Bird, sings throughout Autumn and Winter and has a unique ‘Autumn Song’. The purpose of this song is to…


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6. Starting in Autumn, resident Starlings will flock together with migrants from northern Europe at dusk. Flying together in the skies they form a huge, swirling cloud known as a…


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7. What is the name of the pigment in leaves that breaks down in Autumn causing them to lose their green colour?


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8. Squirrels collect nuts and acorns and hide them so that they have a food store for winter.

What type of bird, seen more often at this time of year in parks and gardens, is known to collect and hide acorns?


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9. A common migrant to the UK, usually arriving in October and November, can you name this member of the thrush family?


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10. Along with Hedgehogs and Dormice, what are the only other British Mammals that truly hibernate?


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