Essential hygiene: cleaning your bird feeders

Keeping your feeders clean is an essential activity that should be carried out as frequently as once per month to prevent your garden birds catching and/or spreading harmful bacterial diseases. Regular cleaning can prevent this from happening, and the appropriate use of safe materials (shown below) can even prevent bacteria growing on your feeders.

A classic example of disease spreading is in the case of the Greenfinch, a common garden bird that is unfortunately in decline due to its susceptibility to catching trichomonosis, which is spread through saliva. This is often spread because birds can simultaneously feed on single feeders. Watch out for pigeons and doves as these specific birds can carry the disease.

It’s always good practice to wear rubber gloves prior to handling a bird feeder; and also ensure to clean the feeders outdoors rather than indoors.


How to clean your wild bird feeders

Here’s our list of key points to consider when cleaning your feeders:

  1. Always empty the contents of the feeder before cleaning
  2. Spray sanitizer on and in the feeder, or wash out fully with a concentrate-based formula
  3. Use a cleaning brush to remove any excess dirt from within the feeder
  4. Wipe the feeder with a paper towle
  5. Leave the bird feeder to dry fully before using again
  6. Now, you should be ready to refill your feeder

A selection of bird feeder cleaning equipment


The more birds you get to your feeding stations, the higher the risk is of diseases being passed between your garden birds. Ark-Klens ready to use spray is a safe, non-toxic cleanser and disinfectant that helps reduce the risk of infection on your feeders, tables, bird baths and nest boxes. It is effective against psittacisos, E-coli, salmonella and flu virus.

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Bird feeder cleaning brush

This useful brush is made specifically for bird feeders from non-rust stainless steel and natural bristle, which wont scratch. 55.9cm (22″) long, its perfect for all those awkward little places other brushes won’t reach!

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Ark-Klens Concentrate Bird Feeder Cleaning Solution

The Ark-Klens veterinary concentrate is suitable for disinfecting animal environments such as bird tables, feeders, cages, kennels and water bowls. This disinfectant reduces the spread of disease and germs on feeders and tables. 250ml makes 100 litres of disinfectant.

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This handy table scraper keeps tables clean and hygienic.
Made from stainless steel with a comfortable wooden handle, this scraper removes food with minimum effort.
Length: 20.5cm

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