Fat Balls for Birds

Bird fat balls are an excellent way to provide your feathered friends with a high energy snack to keep them going year round. Suet balls are a highly nutritious feed that a wide variety of birds love, so hanging them from your bird table or adding them to a fat ball feeder is a great way to attract a variety of garden birds. 

When to Feed Fat Balls

Bird fat balls provide an excellent source of energy year round, but many people prefer to feed them during the winter months. During warmer days, fat balls may melt or become soft, whereas the cooler winter weather helps them stay in one piece. Their high fat content is especially valuable to garden birds during Autumn and Winter, helping maintain essential fat reserves to survive cold nights. 

During colder days small birds spend up to 85% of the day feeding, so the fat balls are sure to be appreciated. Remember when feeding to adjust the amount to match your visitors’ appetites – you don’t want fat balls for birds sitting out for a long time! Remove uneaten food that is accumulating around your feeder.

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Which Birds Eat Fat Balls?

Many garden birds enjoy feeding on fat balls thanks to their tasty high calorie content, but there are a few species that you are sure to attract with the tasty treats. These are: 

  • Blue tits
  • Great tits
  • Dunnocks
  • Long-tailed tits
  • Robins

Fat Balls Falling Apart

Fat balls are soft due to their high suet content, which is great for our feathered friends as it means they are easy to eat. Unfortunately, this also means they have a tendency to fall apart. Sometimes, fat balls can crumble slightly during transit – however, don’t worry! These pieces can be placed on a bird table or ground feeder and are still sure to be enjoyed by your birds.

How to Feed Fat Balls for Birds

There are many ways to feed the high energy treat to your garden birds. One option is to simply place the suet balls on a bird table, or there are plenty of excellent fat ball feeders that you can enjoy watching the birds perch on to feed. Some fat ball feeders feature a guardian, making them a great option if you want to avoid pesky squirrels and larger birds stealing feed intended for smaller birds.

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