Time does fly, and it’s that time of year once again when we begin to think about one of our most beloved and striking species, the hedgehog. This hard-working and no-nonsense creature has been subject of much controversy over the previous decade, not least because of its rapid and unfortunate decline. In recent reports, such as those surrounding the Cumbrian floods in December 2015, hedgehog populations have reduced so much that analogies such as ‘hedgehogs are a rare as tigers’ are commonly used.

So, Hedgehog Awareness Week aims to create a platform for the hedgehog, to raise its profile and bring to light it’s plight. From the 1st May to the 7th May, there will be a rallying call with hedgehog events all over the country. The focus of the 2016 event will be on strimmers and cutting machines and how they can cause miserable destruction and damage to hedgehogs.

So what can you do this year to help out?

  • create reasonable access for hedgehogs in your garden
  • cover drains and holes
  • carefully check any compost before sticking a garden fork inside
  • ensure ease of exit from ponds and pools

There’s also a ton of further information on the official British Hedgehog Preservation Society website. Also, don’t forget to look at some of the fantastic hedgehog products we have on offer at www.gardenbird.co.uk/hedgehog.