Keeping cats from your garden birds

Many pets are capable of merrily co-existing with the local avian population. But with animals you don’t have the luxury of training yourself, it’s not uncommon to find them hunting the creatures you work to attract. There are a few methods available to deter cats from preying in your garden, so we’re going to use this space to outline a few. Mark your Territory Many cats will avoid areas they think belong to a more dominant animal. Purchase some “big cat” manure from a specialist retailer and use it to compost your garden.

Territorial felines won’t tread into your garden if they think it’s owned by a lion. Repellent Plants Some types of plants such as the Coleus Canina claim to feature a scent repulsive to cats, only affecting humans if you touch them directly. They have mixed success rates, but if you pot some to be moved regularly then they’ll stand a better chance. Get Trigger Happy Cats hate water, and most people have a gun that shoots some. This is a great way to show a cat it’s not welcome without hurting it.

You have a limitless supply of ammo, and a few good soakings are usually enough to convince any cat not to return. Use these few tips and you should be able to better protect the birds in your garden without having to hurt any neighbours’ pets. Just be sure not to place your feeder to the property boundaries where cats might be tempted to risk the excursion into your garden.

Mega-Sonic Scatter CatMega Sonic Scatter Cat

Protect your garden against unwanted visitors with this repeller gun. The trigger action, laser-light sighting gun emits an ultra-sonic sound that only animals can hear and works effectively up to 20 metres away.

Cat & Dog Repellent Scatter GranulesCat Repellent

Scatter these biodegradable granules around the problem areas. Can treat an area of up to 150 square metres.

CATwatchCat Watch

The ONLY cat deterrent tested and recommended by the RSPB, following the completion of a 2 year trial. CATwatch will sense a cat’s movement up to 40 feet away in an arc of 100 degrees protecting an area of 1350 sq ft. CATwatch emits bursts of ultrasound when activated to deter cats and continues until they leave the protected area.