What to feed in the spring season

After what has been somewhat of a mixed winter, spring is finally here! We have witnessed surprisingly mild weather, alongside the recurring phenomenon of “The Beast from the East”, which froze our bird baths repeatedly across the country. However, we can now look forward to the brightness which this season of new life brings us. We’ve officially arrived in British Summer Time, meaning that we now enjoy lighter evenings. With longer days, this tradition bestows us with additional time to enjoy our outdoor spaces, and in turn, our British bird life.

A bright, new season

To celebrate the lengthening days and the unmistakable smell of spring in the air, we thought we’d outline some of the more popular options for feeding in March, April and May. Of course, there’s no set rule, and species proclivity to certain foods can even change from garden to garden in the same street! Regardless, allow us to guide you through some ideas for spring feeding, so that your feeders may be teeming with bird life and thus complement the vibrant flowers which will now be appearing in your garden.

Nest Box

Mealworms are an excellent source of protein and are one of the best foods you can give to birds in general. They are a natural source of sustenance year-round, and so too in spring. Regular sized mealworms are ideal for adult birds while the smaller mini mealworms will be wolfed down by fledglings. For a real source of energy our suet pellets are a great fast food for birds and well worth considering, enabling birds easy access to essential fats and energy ready for breeding and fledging. Of course we can’t leave out our exclusive Ultiva Fledgling Mix – specially crafted for providing essential nutrients to fledglings. Fans of our staple straight foods, peanuts and sunflower hearts, will note that these popular foods are enjoyed by birds year round, and their naturally rich energy and fat content ensures that wild birds replenish reserves which have been expended through winter.

Here are a few birds you might be likely to attract in spring, and some recommendations for what foods they enjoy. Some spring migrants tend to prefer creepy crawlies, which are harder to supply unless you have wilder areas in your garden, however they may try mealworm and insect seed mixes from feeding trays.

House-MartinHouse Martin:

Insects (Mealworm)

Recommended food for spring feeding

Dried Mealworms

Dried mealworms are the perfect nutritional food for your garden birds. Ideal for attracting species such as Blue tits, Starlings and Blackbirds. Simply place on a flat bird table feeder or on the garden floor for attracting ground-feeding birds.

Ultiva® Gold Seed Mix

This hugely popular bird seed mix has been at the forefront of GardenBird for many years. A top seller, the inspiration came from a missing link in the bird food chain – a blend focused on oil-rich ingredients.

Sunflower hearts

These highly nutritious and oil-rich sunflower hearts for wild birds come without the husks of complete sunflower seeds. Specially treated to prevent any extraneous growth in the garden, sunflower hearts are a sure favourite among many different garden bird species.

Ultiva® Robin & Softbill Mix

A popular classic for all year round feeding, Ultiva® Robin & Softbill seed mix utilises the best of premium soft grains and fruit to attract different birds to your garden. With ingredients such as raisins, mealworms and sunflower hearts, it is ideal for spreading out on a feeding table or simply casting over the ground.