The Benefits of Feeding Our NEW Classic Suet Balls!

It’s widely recognised that fat balls are a beneficial feed for winter, yet the value of providing them for summer feeding is often not recognised.  It’s advantageous to ensure that suet/fat balls are provided all year round, as they keep birds and fledglings fully energised.  This is because the contents provide an important source of stamina and strength to help our beloved birds stay healthy.

Certain birds such as Blue tits and Long-tailed tits (amongst others) spend up to 85% of their daytime feeding just to survive, meaning high quality fat products are essential for the bird population to thrive. Suet/fat balls are also a firm favourite for Great tits, other Tits, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Woodpeckers and Blackcaps.

Feeding Fat Balls In Summer

Classic Suet Balls

Not many people are aware that there seems to be a worldwide decline in the insect populations due to the use of insecticides and the decline in their habitats.

This means that it’s now more important than ever to support our local wildlife population, as the sad reality is less insects means less food for our birds.

Suet/fat balls support their metabolisms and provides them with sufficient energy to help their fledglings thrive.

The great news is that birds feeding on our new Classic Suet Balls have been reported as feeding twice as fast as our previous one due to their higher calorific content.

Our Classic Suet Balls now have a new and improved formula which are more beneficial for our garden birds. They have also been reduced in price offering amazing value for money.

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Feeding Suet/Fat Balls

Fat balls can be fed from fat ball feeders. There are various styles and sizes. Below are some the fat ball feeders we recommend:

Heavy Duty Flick n Click Fat Ball Feeder

A robust, metal feeder with a flick top lid, hinged for easy opening and filling.

Height: 230mm

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Heavy Duty Flick n Click Fat Ball Bird Feeder

Exclusive Suet Ball Feeder

Exclusive Suet Ball Feeder

Available in two sizes – resilient feeders making it easy to fill, plus cleaning is a simple task too.


Small: 230mm
Medium: 370mm

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Honeyfield’s Easy Fill & Clean Fat Ball Feeder 

With an easy release base, it is an easy feeder for a quick refill.

Height: 220mm

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High fat content – this allows the product to stay softer during the winter but highly palatable during the summer months.

High calorific value – they now provide birds with more energy.

Higher fibre content -this is due to the inclusion of quality seeds such as red sorghum and whole sunflower seeds both of which are highly nutritious and as proven in trials seemingly loved by garden birds.

Low levels of calcium – this increases palatability.

Use of maize flour – this gives a distinctive yellow colour which allows the fat balls to be differentiated but it is also very healthy as it contains Vitamin B6, helping birds to break down the food to get energy so it is also an essential part of the bird’s diet.

Source of antioxidant carotenoids – such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

To purchase our new and improved formula fat balls click here.