The Virtues of Sunflower Hearts 

Sunflower hearts were introduced in the early 1990s and revolutionised bird feeding by providing high energy food to British birds. They truly are a readily accessible delicacy for our feathered friends. To shed some light on just what makes sunflower hearts so special, we’ve collated some interesting facts about these nutritious seeds.

Sunflower hearts

Loved by various species

Sunflower hearts are a great favourite for our garden visitors. They attract a variety of species including Blackbirds, Blue tits, Chaffinches, Collared doves, Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Great spotted woodpeckers, Great tits, Greenfinches, House sparrows, Long-tailed tits, Nuthatches, Robins, Starlings and Wood pigeons.

Providing sunflower hearts to your garden visitors will ensure they will come back for more. Sunflower hearts can be fed from sunflower hearts feeders or seed feeders.

No mess

Sunflower hearts are sunflower seeds without the husk (a kind of outer shell).  Birds would discard the husk from the sunflower seed leaving waste meaning a messy garden. Sunflower hearts once started life as full sunflower seeds, however they have since had their husks removed mechanically. Being husk free, sunflower hearts means no mess to clean up in your garden.  They are a great seed to feed your garden birds and can be purchased from our store.

Easy to eat

Sunflower hearts are easily digestible even by the smallest of birds and give them blasts of energy. They can be eaten with minimal effort and your garden visitors will devour them!

Essential oils

Packed with oil and protein they are a real year round favourite and full of nutrition. Providing birds with the correct food will keep their feathers, skin and beaks in a healthy condition.

Sunflower hearts

High energy content

Throughout the more difficult times in the year it is vital for birds to get the energy boost they need. Sunflower hearts are high in protein and have a high calorie count to weight ratio meaning birds do not need to spend as much time searching for other seeds.

The facts and history behind this seed show that sunflower hearts really are a super food that is not only highly nutritious, but also a tasty, convenient treat for birds. If you need to re-stock, or if you’ve yet to try them, you can find our high quality premium sunflower hearts.