What other foods are there for my garden birds?

It’s easy to stick to the same old bird food month in and month out, kind of like having your own routine of “steak and chips” on a Friday night, but take pause for a second and look at what alternatives are available – variety is, they say, the ultimate spice of life.

Birds are just like us, they require variation in their diets, which is one reason why we have our fabulous range of Ultiva seed mixes, all of which aim to provide diverse meals for your birds. But, what if you fancy putting your own bird seed mix together? What elements should go into a good seed mix? Or what if you simply want to try something new?

Below, we have listed our top 6 alternatives to consider for your garden birds. Have a read through and try mixing and matching to see which foods your birds love best.

Wild Bird Kibbled Maize

1. Wild bird maize (commonly known as corn) is cracked and comes in granulated form. Incredibly rich in nutritious oils and energy-dense carbohydrate, the small size of maize makes for a great addition to basic feeds. It’s small size is ideal for smaller species visiting your garden.

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Wild Bird Pinhead Oats

2. Pinhead oats are a valuable source of carbohydrate and fat. In fact, they are the essential and crucial inner-part of the oat. You’ll find small seed-eating birds in particular enjoy feasting on pinhead oats. Whether you decide to feed them individually or blended with other types of bird food, they are a great way to attract different birds to your garden.

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Wild Bird Naked Rolled Oats

3. Naked rolled oats are essentially the same as less refined breakfast porridge; high in energy and packed full of essential minerals, vitamins and protein, naked rolled oats have a considerable amount of oil-rich content and fat, making it perfect winter food for your garden birds.

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Wild Bird Millet

4. Wild bird millet is a very popular ingredient to many bird seed mixes. As a great source of vitamin B, it is also full of protein and iron – in fact, a great addition to food over the breeding period. The size of each millet grain makes it perfect for casting on the ground or mixing with other foods such as niger seed.

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Wild Bird Hemp Seed

5. Hemp seed is an oil-rich, fat-dense and nutritious seed with essential trace elements. You’ll find hemp seed to be high in carbohydrates. If you’re looking to put together your own bird seed mix, consider hemp seed as a popular choice.

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Wild Bird Raisins

6. Wild bird raisins are a particularly attractive food for fruit-loving garden birds. The fresh juiciness makes them irresistible…ideally, soak them in water for added succulence and don’t forget you can mix them in with other foods to create the ultimate gourmet mix.

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